Coronation Property Joe Nahas Gives Details About The Paper Mill And Revitalization Of The Georges River

Managing Director Joseph Nahas divulged that Coronation Property is currently working on a project in Liverpool. The development involves converting an original heritage-listed building into a new food, beverage, and retail precinct in Liverpool. This project is called The Paper Mill, which will provide Liverpool with a new approach to urban life to residents of the structure that is situated on the bank of the Georges River. The building will be comprised of 1,045 apartments across various contemporary buildings, which will be home to diverse families. The brand new retail precinct is facing the Shephard Street and spans 1,400 square meters.

The warehouse conversion will showcase the beauty of the 19th-century structure while incorporating modern and classy designs into it. The saw-tooth-roofed building was once an extension of the Challenge Woollen Mills, which produced blankets after the paper mill was shut down in 1910. Once the project is completed, it will become an open-plan space that comes with an open ceiling and exposed concrete flooring. Its surroundings will also be filled with alfresco dining places and also a community garden that comes with bike racks. Coronation Property’s design was also made in such a way that it would draw the interest of fine food and beverage retailers and other service providers. The retail precinct will also be open to companies that offer experimental activities like pilates or yoga.

Coronation Property is aiming for their project to possess a feel and vibrancy that are obvious in areas like Balmain or the new Harold Park. It also seeks to combine things that are being offered in Surry Hills and Erskineville.The Paper Mill community will also be provided with a link between the indoor and outdoor lifestyle. Once the Paper Mill is completed and occupied fully, the retail precinct will have about 3,000 potential customers. It will also have other target markets that are located in surrounding locations. The structure is expected to be completed by October 2017.

Coronation Property also sought help from a renowned media personality and international horticulturist and landscape designer Jamie Durie for the creation of the design of the key elements of the landscape master plan. He will be in charge of designing a children’s playground, relandscaping the Light Horse Park on the north, and the Mill Park to the south of the boardwalk. Other big names in the industry like SJB and Woods Bagot are also helping out. In addition to that, the Liverpool City Council will design a shared pathway, which will give the public access to various water activities in the future. Coronation Property is also embarking on another major project that involves the revitalization of the Georges River. This banks of this river is where The Paper Mill development is taking place. The company wants to give back to the community by making sure that the future residents of Liverpool will live to see the beauty of this river asset.

The company is also hoping that the projects that they are working on will transform Liverpool into a true “river city.” It will solely cover the finances needed for the landscaping project, which has been pegged at $6.5 million. It means that the local and state government will not pay for anything. Coronation Property is also very proud to be one of the major forces that are finding ways to transform, revive, and protect the Georges River. Through this project, the community as a whole, as well as those who will be living in the Paper Mill, will get a link between indoor and outdoor lifestyle and also provide Liverpool with a revived beautiful destination that residents and tourists will surely love.